And the Vendors Are...

See who of your favorites—and which fresh faces—will be part of Lexington Market’s next chapter in its new home. From over 300 applications, these are the ones our community reviewers and market experts said were the best of the best. We’re adding confirmed vendors weekly, so check back (or sign up for our email list to get updates straight to your inbox)!

Prepared Food
Sausage Master

Owner/Chef: Steve Cho

Owned and operated by Lexington Market mainstay Steve Cho, Sausage Master serves up sausages, hot dogs, fries – along with classic Baltimore snowballs. Sausage Master was bought by Cho’s parents in 1986, and he grew up in and around the Market, cementing the business as one of Lexington’s go-to lunch and dinner vendors.

Connie's Chicken & Waffles

Owners/Chefs: Khari & Shawn Parker

Connie’s Chicken and Waffles, founded at the Market by brothers Khari and Shawn Parker in 2016, will bring their modern twist on Baltimore’s classic chicken box to the new market – alongside waffles topped with everything from strawberries to Crunch Berries. 

Blue Island Malaysian Cuisine

Owner/Chef: Feilan Chen

Blue Island Malaysian specializes in affordable and delicious Malaysian classics, made from family recipes and memories. A Market staple since 2000, owner Feilan Chen is a first-generation immigrant who has built her Lexington Market legacy from scratch and will bring her saucy buffet-style dishes to the new market building.

Krause's Lite Fare

Owner/Chef: Arra Cho

A fixture at Lexington Market since 1992 and now operated by Arra Cho, Krause’s Lite Fare serves up dishes centering on fresh roasted turkeys, like their iconic Thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce) or the Turkey platter (sliced turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing), as well as homemade soups. At their new Market stall, they will add roast beef and ham to the menu.

Jbee's Jamaican Me Crazy

Owner/Chef: Jeff Brown

A food truck business founded in 2015 by Jeff Brown, the Black-owned Jbee’s Jamaican Me Crazy will open their first permanent location in Lexington Market and serve a menu anchored by jerk chicken, fish, and fries and curry chicken, alongside of new classics like Jbees famous jerk fish and shrimp po’boy sandwich. Jbee’s specializes in fast casual-style service with traditional and non-traditional Jamaican flavors.

Super Fried Chicken

Owner/Chef: Young Hwang

A Lexington Market staple since 1985 and owned by the Hwang family since 2004, Super Fried Chicken will bring their classic fried chicken in flavors like honey bbq and Old Bay seasoning, served with crispy fries and fresh iced tea, to the new Market building.

Ronny's Combo

Owner/Chef: Jane Lim

A Market staple since 1987, Ronny’s Combo is an all-day breakfast spot with an always-on griddle and made-to-order options. Co-owned and operated by Jane Lim, the family business will bring their breakfast dishes, cheesesteaks, and sausages to the new Market.

Tio G's Empanadas

Owner/Chef: Gerdyn Mojica

A business started during the pandemic by first generation Dominican immigrant Gerdyn Mojica, Tio G’s Empanadas makes classic empanadas filled with meat and vegetables fresh to order, alongside of new staples like a pizza empanada and a Maryland seafood and Old Bay option. Their location in the new Lexington Market will be their first brick and mortar space.

Specialty Food & Retail
Fleurs D'Ave

Owners: Brandon & Ashley Wylie

Fleurs D’Ave, founded in 2018, currently has a location at 1200 North Ave. in Baltimore, and will add a second location at Lexington Market when the new market building opens in 2022. Founded by Brandon and Ashley Wylie, they specialize in hand-crafted floral arrangements for occasions of all types. At their Lexington Market stall, they will carry grab-and-go bouquets for celebrations and everyday occasions, and custom arrangements.

Black Acres Roastery

Owner/Chef: Travis Bell

Black Acres Roastery, founded in 2018 by Travis Bell, will open their first off-site retail location in Lexington Market’s new building, marking the continued expansion of their coffee business. Black Acres currently operates out of their Highlandtown roastery, where they also plan to add a retail and coffee shop in 2021. Their Lexington Market location will offer their artisan coffees, local pastries, and cold brew coffee on tap

Deddle's Donuts

Owner/Chef: Robin Holmes

Founded in 2016 by Robin Holmes, Deddle’s Donuts currently operates as a food truck, popping up all over the DMV at parties, breweries, and festivals with their recognizable pink truck. At their Lexington Market location, they will serve made-to-order, hot donuts topped in front of customers with everything from powdered sugar to cinnamon roll glaze to bacon or pulled pork. They will also offer fresh squeezed lemonade and brewed coffee. 

Plum Good

Owner/Chef: Angela Chester-Johnson

Founded in 2011 by Angela Chester-Johnson, Plum Good specializes in ethically sourced spices and spice blends, dried and loose teas, delicious sauces and rubs, as well as spiced popcorn. The business has been a feature at D.C.’s Capitol Harvest on the Plaza (CHoP) market for over five years, and the Lexington Market location will be their first permanent location.

Kofman's Shoe Repair

Owner: Alex Kofman

Since the 1930s, Lexington Market has had a classic shoe repair stand doing all manner of repair, dying, and care. Now operated by fourth generation cobbler Alex Kofman, Kofman’s Shoe Repair will bring their hands-on approach and individualized customer care to the new Market

Market Bakery

Owner: Minas Mastrominas

Famous for their fresh-made Berger cookies, Market Bakery has been a Market staple since 1972 – owned by Greek immigrants Minus and Fannie Houvardas. When they join the new Lexington Market, the business will pass down to son-in-law Minas Mastrominas, serving old favorites and their beloved birthday cakes, alongside of new items like bread pudding and elephant ears.

Mova Nature

Owner/Chef: Kelli Redmond Bagby

In their first brick and mortar location, Mova Nature, owned by Kelli Redmond Bagby, will bring healthy, fresh options like cold pressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, vegan energy snacks, herbal teas and tonics, and sea moss gel to Lexington Market.

Fresh Food
Brookdale Farms Poultry

Owner/Chef: Bun An

A Lexington Market mainstay for over 20 years, Brookdale Farms Poultry will join the new market building with their fresh cuts of poultry, rabbit, and turkey. A family business owned by Bun An, Brookdale will be one of the primary meat purveyors in the new market.

Cho's Sea Garden

Owner/Chef: Arra Cho

Since 1988, Cho’s Sea Garden has offered fresh and seasonal fish, from rockfish to flounder to catfish and grouper, available whole, as well as prepped for whatever method you plan to use to cook them at home. Passed down to owner Arra Cho from her Korean immigrant parents, Cho’s will add a wide variety of prepared fish options – like steamed shrimp hot or cold and salmon stuffed with crab meat and dill ready to bake.